The number of Roses u give

The number of Roses u give to somebody represents

1 Love at 1st sight
2 Mutual Feelings
3 I Love U
7 I'm infatuated with U!!!
9 Together as long as we live
10 U're Perfect!
11 U'r my treasured one
12 Be my Steady
13 Forever Friendz
15 I'm really sorry...
20 I'm sincere towards U
21 I'm committed to U
36 I'll remember our romantic moments
40 My Love is genuine
99 I'll luv U till the day i die
100 I'm totally devoted to U
101 U'r my one N only
108 Will U marry me?
999 My love will last till the end of time

Here's a more realistic list:

1 I'm cheap/That's all they had left
2 I don't want to seem cheap, so I didn't buy just 1
3 I'm confused
4 I'm not superstitious (for those non-cantonese, 4 sounds like 'die')
7 I'm superstitious
9 I'm dating a cat
10 Can I take you bowling?
12 This one's not the usual number / Merry Christmas! (both morons)
13 I don't like you very much
21 Blackjack! (gambling moron)
25 I'm rich
30 Isn't that your age? (i can slap this guy! :P)
50 I'm filthy rich
69 How'bout after dinner we go back to my place and...heh heh heh (ooh baby!!!)
75 My father's rich
88 I'm Cantonese...and my father's rich
99 Couldn't get red balloons
100 I'm the rich father seeing a sweet young thing on the side
500 My father is a florist
999 Emergency! This one's crazy: he can buy condo or car, why buy so many



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